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P Series Laser Tube Cutting

Product description
Outstanding effectiveness
The X, Y and Z linear axes and the A and B rotary axes are all imported from Germany with high torque servo motors. High precision, high rotation, high torque and large inertia ensure high speed and acceleration of the whole machine.
Flexible to any tube profiles
Optional laser-cut functions for channel steel, H shape-tubes, bar section and any other special shaped tubes.
Han’s Mesys System
Real-time monitoring, automatic notifications of equipment maintenance, big-data driven management system, let data works for increasing production.


  P6018D P8018D P10018D
Max.Process area φ180 mm φ180 mm φ180 mm
Max. Tube length 6200 mm 8200 mm 10200 mm
Max. Unloading length 4000 mm 4000 mm 4000 mm
Max. Loading weight 200 Kg 200 Kg 200 Kg
X/Y feed rate 120 m/min 120 m/min 120 m/min
Available lasers 1-6 kW 1-6 kW


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