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Precision laser cutting machine PD5050-HLR-150

Product description


It is mainly used for laser cutting of metal plates such as stainless steel plates, ordinary carbon steel plates, aluminum plates, nickel plates, etc.; it cannot be used for processing containers of metals and alloys with flammable and explosive materials (such as flammable gas or fuel or Sheng) Containers for munitions); not suitable for cutting high-reflective metals and alloy materials (such as copper, gold, silver, etc.); not for cutting of non-metallic materials (such as resin, leather, etc.)


Industry application:

3C industry products: small metal thin-shell structural parts, especially suitable for 2D laser processing after digital product housing stamping (3C products, namely computer, communication and consumer electronics). Also known as "information appliances." Because the volume of 3C products is generally not large, it is often added in the middle of a "small" word, so often referred to as "3C small appliances".

Metallic glasses industry: cutting glasses legs, glasses frames.

2D processing of metal and alloy sheets in other industries.


Technical specification::



Laser wavelength


Laser power


X/Y/Z axis travel

500/500/100mm(if with CCD, the cutting area will be reduced)

X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy


Z axis repeated positioning accuracy


Equipment Dimensions

L * W * H1400*1400*2100mm(for reference)

Machine weight

Around 1600kg

Power demand (fluctuation <± 5%)

Single phase 220V,50Hz,50A

Total machine Power

Around 5KW

Relative humidity


Ambient temperature





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